Red Clay Comedy Festival is back  November 

Submissions open May 18th at 12 noon eastern and the close has BEEN EXTENDED TO August 15, 2021

Decisions to be sent out early September 2021. Submission fees are non-refundable.


Each comedian selected will receive:

-**NEW** Professional 2 camera shoot of one set that you own!

-At least 3 shows

-Free Lodging 

-Festival gear (shirt, gift bag…)

-Dinners, stocked artist greenroom, plenty to drink (booze and non booze) and Saturday brunch

-Transportation to and from shows

-Professional headshot session (if desired)

-Professional audio recording of at least 1 set that could possibly get into paid rotation on SiriusXM comedy channels

-Plenty of parties and more TBA!



-5 minute video of you performing your act***

-Contact information


-Your video can be up to 5 minutes long

-Do not send password protected videos

-If the video you send is longer than 5 minutes, we only guarantee the first 5 minutes will be watched/considered

-No need to add a long host intro with their jokes about you or your credits! That counts toward your 5 mins so try to have the video start with your act. 

-If you only have virtual comedy sets to submit and you feel it is the best representation of who you are as a comedian, feel free to use it! 

-We understand 2020 fucked us all.  If your best tape is from over a year or more will not lose points/consideration for using that tape as your submission. Fee free to use an older tape if that is what you have :)


Here are some thoughts on comedy festival submissions, why we do them and why we respect your opinion 

regardless of how you feel about the idea. 

We hate the idea of paying to submit to festivals.  For real. It doesn't seem fair and feels like the festival is ripping you off while the producers are getting rich off of hard working comedians.  While I can't speak for other festivals, I can tell you that getting rich could not be further from what happens here.  In fact to date, Red Clay is in the hole over $10k after 5 years of producing the festival.  Why are we telling you that? Just to assure you that we are not just pocketing your submission money.   EVERY DIME from submissions, sponsors and ticket sales go into producing the festival.  Maybe one day we will make bank doing this and can make it rain your submission money on the S.S. Red Clay, but not today. The money that comes in from your submissions mainly goes toward paying industry professionals to watch hundreds of hours of tapes while taking notes and narrowing the field and ultimately selecting the performers who will be invited to the festival. The rest goes toward making the performer experience as fun and rewarding as we can possibly make it. 


Speaking of tape viewers, EVERY tape will be watched by comedy industry professionals not associated with the production of Red Clay.  The producers of Red Clay do not watch tapes or make any decision on submitted comedians. We do this to ensure a fair assessment, as we ourselves are comedians and don't want to shit where we eat.  These "industry professionals" include late night TV bookers, comedy club bookers from around the country, talent managers, agents and more.  All of which will be watching tapes of comedians they themselves do not have any personal ties or professional dealings with to ensure a fair assessment of tapes to the best of our ability. 

If you still don't believe in paying for a festival submission, that is totally fair! We won't talk shit about you for it...